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committed to Keeping Your drains, toilets flushing properly and your water bill where it needs to be. "On Point"

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we’ve instructed our service technicians to uphold and enhance our already strict cleaning and disinfecting measures to ensure the safest possible work environment. Additionally, we’re following CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines designed to stop the spread of the virus, including: 

  • Wearing personal protective equipment

  • Eliminating physical contact, including handshakes. We’ll use only non-contact methods of greeting 

  • Maintaining effective social distancing when possible 

  • Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at every opportunity 

  • Using hand sanitizer

  • Using disinfectant products to ensure touchpoints are clean in workspaces, vehicles, and on equipment 

  • Sanitizing shared-use devices such as tablets and clipboards; customers should consider using their own pens to sign paperwork 

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